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29,721 Missourians have logged 6,281,898 miles

Blue Miles

Missouri Blue Miles

Missouri Blue Miles

We are encouraging Missourians to experience Missouri's many waterways and to log their paddling and swimming miles.

124,999 mi
4,524 mi
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Featured Water Trail

Featured Water Trail

Suggested Water Trails

Water Trail Access Length
Niangua River Lake Niangua Boating Access 79.50 mi
Current River T.L. Wright Memorial Access 138.00 mi
Gasconade River Gasconade Park Access 253.10 mi

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Blue Miles Leaderboard

Overallsort descendingBlue MilesTop FemalesBlue MilesTop MalesBlue Miles
1. Emily D.211. Emily D.211. Jerry D.4
2. Janet M.122. Janet M.122. Dave L.1
3. Jerry D.43. Marilyn T.23. .0
4. Marilyn T.24. Michele W.24. .0
5. Michele W.25. .05. .0