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Global Statistics

29,721 Missourians have logged 6,281,898 miles

A Message from Dr. Randall Williams, Director of the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services

Exercise is a key component of good health. And helping others is an essential component of attaining wellness. Healthy actions such as eating well, avoiding harmful behaviors and exercising regularly help us stay healthy so that we can pursue our dreams and move towards our goals in life.  

My Missouri Steps Up recognizes that participating in community fundraisers, such as 5Ks that raise money for breast cancer research, Autism treatment, Alzheimers Disease awareness  or other worthy causes, benefit everyone by promoting exercise and providing support while raising money to help others.

If you’re ready to start stepping up, but not sure if a 5K is for you, Missouri has 97 state parks that also offer a wonderful opportunity to train and to spend time with families in a relaxing setting, which can be therapeutic on many levels.

So bring your family, your pet, your friends or a team, lace up your sneakers and walk, ride or run on a weekend morning. Join us as we all step up to help ourselves and others.